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Personal English lessons for yourself and your family

Our flexible courses offer varying levels of bespoke yet competency designed tailor made lessons that cater to individual requirements. At the Royal English Language Centre we can confidently guaranty our Dubai Government KHDA highly accredited standards which are delivered through authentic language by native English speakers. Our method equips learners for success through:
  • Effective, creative and well prepared learning programmes
  • Attainable goals
  • Relevant content
  • Practical activities
  • Open conversation and discussion
  • Motivational quizzes/activities/role-play
  • Measurable progress
  • Grammar for communication

    We employ the effective PPP methodology ensuring a sequence of instruction firstly by Presenting new target language - introducing meaning, pronunciation and form, secondly by controlled Practice - giving learners the opportunity to try out the language whilst being closely monitored by the teacher, and thirdly and finally, Production - the new language being used in a fluent and confident manner ensuring consolidation of what has been learnt.

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